German (“Crown”) The German Kron is not a stance, but actually a strike of Liechtenauer described by Sigmund Ringeck (c. 1440). This action is essentially that of lifting the blade to stifle and bind an on coming blow with the ricasso and guard prior to counter-cutting. Also type of Halb Schwert (half-sword) parry against a vertical downwards cut with the sword held point forward over the head, used against a vertical downwards cut to the head. Holding the sword over the head with the point forward, catching the incoming cut on the portion of the blade between the hands. Can be followed by a thrust over the opponent’s right arm at his face as a single-time or double-time technique. In this posture the sword is “crowning “ and protective over the head. Leckuechner’s definition of the Kron from c. 1482 is similar: “Step and strike from above with your true edge to his left ear. The other step and strike from above with your short edge to his right ear.” See also Corona or Posta di Fronte.
("crown") One German name for the Middle guard, called Corona in Italian, also a type of Halb Schwert (half-sword) parry against a vertical downwards cut with the sword held point forward over the head

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